Postcard Sleuths


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The unidentified postcards are shown for the September 2022 edition of the magazine. If you think you have identified any please email Roger Williams at

Postcards for you to identify from our September edition if you think you know where they are email Roger Williams at 

Picture Reference 20/01 

This shows what I assume is a school for young girls, though none appear much older than eight or nine. There are no obvious clues so this is a ‘hopefully someone will recognise it’ card. (From Michael Goldsmith)


Picture Reference 20/02 

The Liberal Reform Club is shown on a card published and/or photographed by someone with the initials T.W. (From Nigel Bown)


Picture Reference 20/03 

The Riverside Hotel, Family & Commercial, sits on a steep riverbank with an equally steep bank opposite. There’s a couple of signs pointing to the public bar, with a street name above one of them that I cannot make out. (From David Matthews)


Picture Reference 20/04 

Here’s another without obvious clues but a very distinctive building behind high walls. The avenue of trees leading to the gate hints at substantial grounds as well. (From Colin Wellard)


Picture Reference 20/05 

A road maintenance gang stands outside a Post Office with an Aveling and Porter steamroller. The wording under ‘Post Office’ is, alas, not legible. Neither is the number on the steamroller though it could be 3315 – there’s a database of Aveling and Porter vehicles out there (with pictures) if you can find it but I’m not sure it helps. (From Nigel Oram)


Picture Reference 20/06 

A substantial building features numerous crowns and other adornments along with a royal picture – possibly ‘Long live the King’ procession, possibly marking George VI’s Coronation in May 1937. (From David Matthews)


Picture Reference 20/07 

Here’s a Co-Operative Store with ‘Branch No. 26’above the door. There’s a photo online of a Branch 26 in Cadishead, Manchester, and it certainly wasn’t this one, so presumably a different regional Society. (From Jim O’Dwyer)


Picture Reference 20/08 

. A carnival or suchlike in a small town or village with children in fancy dress which someone might recognise; I can’t spot any clues. (From David Matthews)


Picture Reference 20/09 

The Mikado Restaurant offered breakfasts, dinners and teas, good accommodation for cyclists and commercial travellers (i.e. no frills), a “good dry cycle store’, and I think the door has a sign ‘Grocer’ –busy people! (From Alan Barwick)


Picture Reference 20/10 

This one’s full of annoying nearly-clues: Taylor & Sons (butchers?) with the first initial obscured; a watchmaker and jeweller named Dales, or Bales, or something else; and a store in the centre with the name obscured. Good luck! (From Jim Rackham)