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Postcard Sleuths


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The unidentified postcards are shown for the June 2023 edition of the magazine. If you think you have identified any please email Roger Williams at

Postcards for you to identify from our June edition if you think you know where they are email Roger  Williams at 

Picture Reference 28/01 

The Violet Café or Tea Rooms catered for coaches so presumably was near a tourist or day-tripper location, but where? (From Tim Winter)


Picture Reference 28/02 

John Jackson, Carter, used his cart for removals and general carting. He lived at no. 81 which hopefully will help. (From Nigel Oram


Picture Reference 28/03 

You’ll recall the article on A. H. Hawke by Mark Mitchley last month. Mark seeks help to identify this – he’s certain the house is in Cornwall, and probably the Lizard / Helston area. On the reverse is the A. H. Hawke, Helston stamp and it is postmarked Helston January 1914. (From Mark Mitchley)


Picture Reference 28/04 

Three classy people who look as they’re used to comfortable lives sit on horseback in front of a distinctive building. Not necessarily in the UK, I think. (From Stephen Byrne)


Picture Reference 28/05 

This could be another non-UK card. It’s an imposing building, with maybe some sort of reception entrance to the left of the arch. A possible pointer is that the car driver is white and the boy on the running board is black. (From Mark Wingham)


Picture Reference 28/06 

Does anyone recognise, or can anyone track down, Woodbine Farm? Wherever it is, it’s flat! (From Jim O’Dwyer)


Picture Reference 28/07 

This should be recognisable. The writing on the right-hand homemade cart isn’t helpful, just Tate sugar advertising. To me it looks a bit like Bath suburbs or in that area, but that may be a complete red herring. (From Andrew Jenkins)


Picture Reference 28/08 

Here’s a probably 1920s crowd waiting for someone to come past. The only clue is the premises of Arthur Thomas, who had letters after his name, so some sort of profession, though these are unfortunately illegible. (From Phil Swales)


Picture Reference 28/09 

J. H. Jones, baker, is seen making a delivery in his card with his place of business partially obscured by the wheel but ending ‘stoke’ – and I reckon there’s seventeen one-word place names ending in ‘stoke’ in England alone, and more two-word places. Good luck! (From Jim Rackham)


Picture Reference 28/10 

Here we have, I presume, the female employees of Jackson Brothers Hay & Straw Warehouse gathered to celebrate the coronation of George V on 22nd June 1911. (From Rob Whalley)

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