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Postcard Sleuths


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The unidentified postcards are shown for the January 2023 edition of the magazine. If you think you have identified any please email Roger Williams at

Postcards for you to identify from our January edition if you think you know where they are email Roger Williams at 

Picture Reference 24/01 

L. Combes here runs Jumpers Tearooms offering breakfasts, dinners and teas, as well as running a B&B and being a fruiterer. I think his window display may include postcards. Two doors along is the premises of A. Harrhy, so plenty of clues. (From Tim Winter)


Picture Reference 24/02 

On the left is either The Brewers or The Two Brewers; I think the latter but can’t be sure. In the background is the premises of (again, I think) W. Smart, Spurge Plumber. This may be an earlier version of Sparge, which relates to pipes including to storage tanks, so maybe an agricultural use? If it is The Two Brewers, this is harder than it looks at first glance. (From Len Whittaker)


Picture Reference 24/03 

Here we have The Railway Hotel with a selection of locals. From its provenance It’s possible, though certainly not definite, that it’s on the island of Ireland. (From Stephen Byrne)


Picture Reference 24/04 

This card is labelled ‘Walpole’, of which there are several. Beyond the bridge is what may be a hotel, or possibly just a large house. (From Tim Winter)


Picture Reference 24/05 

There are no clues here as to where the rather smart Beresford Temperance Hotel is but hopefully adverts for it exist in the records. There’s a spectacular mast-like structure apparently in the middle of the road and a cannon opposite. This may be early; there are shadowy figures of pedestrians walking, indicating a long exposure. (From David Matthews)


Picture Reference 24/06 

This is a ‘Boys Brigade Muster’ beside Thos. Reynolds & Son, Iron Merchants and The Picture House (‘Entrance Clare Street’). There really should be a good response to this one. (From Mark Wingham)


Picture Reference 24/07 

Next is a charming picture with the postman, shop workers and other adults plus nine children (and a dog) lined up. It is also one of those “hopefully somebody will recognise it” cards. (From Jim Rackham)


Picture Reference 24/08 

J. Bywater’s Cash Fruit Stores and Potato Stores looks as though it was in the poorer part of wherever it was. There’s nothing else to go on, so find J. Bywater. (From Jim O’Dwyer)


Picture Reference 24/09 

This looks like a new pub or maybe one being thoroughly renovated: those windows look new and the pub sign is blank. Strong’s Romsey Ales is a pretty good clue as to what part of the country it’s in. (From Martyn Lawrence)


Picture Reference 24/10 

To end this Sleuths and to welcome in the New Year we have a large group gathered outside a church which hopefully is recognisable. They’re quite interesting to date – a lot of men are bare-headed, so past the time of universal hat-wearing, but some of the ladies still wear seriously large Edwardian headwear. It would be nice to locate this. The Market Harborough area is a possibility. (From Martin McQuoid)

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